The West Coast is renowned for its rain, and the northern Buller region certainly gets its share. However, what's not generally known is that the area north of Westport boasts one of the highest sunshine rates and mean temperatures in the South Island.
We usually enjoy mild weather during the winter, with frosts relatively rare. When the rest of New Zealand is freezing, wet and cold, we can have brilliantly clear days. Springtime tends to be the wettest season (the whitebaiters bring it with 'em), while the period from February through May is our warmest, driest season on average.

The mild climate means outdoor activities in the rivers and mountains are possible year-round; in fact, winter is our favourite time to hit the back country.

And while the northerlies can bring rain as heavy as most of us have experienced anywhere, there's nothing in this world as comforting as sitting in front of the open fire, glass or cup in hand, watching the river rise. It's an amazing experience to be amid rainforest during a downpour. It is, after all, what nature intends.

Our friend Dennis at the Ngakawau Store (just south of us) coined a term for the immediate area: the "West Coast Riviera." We think it's entirely fitting.

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