This is a haven, a piece of heaven, here in New Zealand. We hope to take our memories from here back to Oregon and create a similar spot. This is oh, so lovely!
-- Ed and Nancy Merzenich, Salem, Oregon, USA

This place is just magic, seeping in surreptitiously, relaxing to the point of bliss, such extraordinary attention to detail and so naturally positioned in the environment.
-- Zebulin and Lola, Melbourne, Australia

We have found paradise - nature in the wild. Keep up the good work.
-- Kevin Dash, Off Beat Tours, West Coast, New Zealand

I found true bliss next to pure heaven at this hideaway lodge. Loved everything about the lodge and location.
-- Jen and Ian, Auckland, New Zealand

A great time had by all. Perfect place to show some of the real New Zealand to our friends from Germany.
-- Shelley and Geoff Gabites, Adventure South, New Zealand

This will be the first of many artists' retreats. An ideal situation to pursue work - I even mixed your sandflies into my acrylics for texture. Great place for photographs, too!
-- Ruth Vaega, New Zealand

Thank you, Susan and Weasel. What a great place to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We hope you have as many happy years here as we have; you deserve it for creating such a wonderful place.
-- Margaret and John Reedy, New Zealand